So, this podcast was obviously recorded before McLean Dorr was traded back to the NAHL. Of course in this game, once you record something, you have changed the outcome before you can publish. This is called the Hockey Podcasters Uncertainty Principle.


A new hockey season is rapidly approaching! New faces, new numbers, and a whole host of names to mispronounce! In this episode, we do a rundown of the entire 30 man roster. We also recap two very entertaining preseason games, and take a look at the 2019-20 Phantoms' schedule! Welcome to the new season of the Dump & Chase Podcast, the only fan podcast in the USHL!

Welcome to Episode 6! We get into the personnel changes by the Phantoms after the draft, as well as the optics of the teams' social media activities. We also discuss the Phantoms' Main Camp and who could be suiting up at the Covelli Centre this fall!