This is Episode 25.5 of the Dump & Chase Podcast. Due to Thursday's news, we had to re-record this week's episode. Thankfully, we were able to get an interview with Youngstown Phantoms President Andrew Goldman. We also share some sad news for the Phantoms Phamily.

This is Episode 24 of the Dump & Chase Podcast! Recaps, previews, and Justin tackles the Phantoms Hometown Trivia Challenge! We also go over the new playoff format, and check in on the Eastern Conference standings!

This is Episode 23 of the Dump & Chase Podcast! The Youngstown Phantoms are gobbling up points like Pac-Man, and we cover all of it! We also dole out some Phantoms Phacts. And, can Justin save the day in a pinch? Check out 2 Questions and find out!


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