Well, if you haven't heard how well Nathan Walker has been doing in the current NHL exhibition season then you're the only one. Seriously, it looks like the whole hockey world has taken notice. We've seen a couple NHL.com articles, some highlight reels and this morning he made ESPN Sport Center's plays of the day! The first game he played and he tallied what everyone thought was an assist, launching a shot that rebounded off the goalie for a linemate to blast into the twine. However, Troy Brouwer thought that Walker tipped the shot while going to the goal. Below is a gif image (from this blog) showing the possible deflection. It's hard to say who touched it last but, in any case, Walker was instrumental on play.


Nathan Walker deflects a shot past the goalie.

Then last night in the first period against Boston he set up Tom Wilson for an easy tap in, threading a beauty of a pass between the defense. This one landed him ESPN Sport Center's top ten plays of the day at number 8.

 I know it's a long shot that he'll make the team but coach Adam Oats has noticed his improvement over last years camp and said 'he's sticking around.' The Caps took the day off camp and practice resumes tomorrow, though only Group A and Group B from this point on so we'll probably be seeing some cuts soon from Group C. I know the unspoken question is will he be there for opening night and if not, will he make the home opener? Unless they announce cuts tomorrow, I doubt he'll make it to Ann Arbor for opening night. Even if he is cut tomorrow, he's been practicing with a completely different team so he probably wouldn't be on the same page as the rest of the Phantoms. Now the home opener is another story. the NHL 23 man roster is due by the 30th of the month, I don't see too many teams keeping players on amateur tryouts that long. If he does get a tryout in the regular season, he could be gone until the October 25th game in Cedar Rapids and we won't see him at home until November 1st... if he's released back to us at all. Now the likelihood of Washington needing him past preseason is very slim, but this is hockey and we all know what kinds of bizarre things happen between preseason and the start of the regular season.