With the usual tryout camps, exhibition games, and other preseason activities being closed to the general public or otherwise inaccessible to the majority of the fans, we have compiled a list of all the players we know to be in training camp to start the 2020-2021 season. The list was compiled from line charts, Tweets, and secondhand accounts. This list is in no way meant to be a final roster and may be incomplete even at this time. This list will eventually be cut to a 25 player roster to start the season in  November. We wish all the players the best of luck as they compete for a spot on the final roster.


Youngstown Phantoms 2020-2021 Training Camp Roster

Last Name First Name Birth Cit. Pos. Last Team Last League
ABATE JOSEPH 09/1998 USA Forward Youngstown Phantoms USAH Junior Team
AMONTE TRISTAN 02/2000 USA Forward Thayer Academy USA Prep School
CASSARO GIANFRANCO 03/1999 CAN Defense Youngtown Phantoms USAH Junior Team
DELUCA JOSHUA 06/1999 USA Forward Amarillo Bulls USAH Junior Team
DEMELIS MATTHEW 06/1999 USA Forward Northeast Generals USAH Junior Team
DENNISON WILLIAM 02/1999 CAN Defense Youngstown Phantoms USAH Junior Team
DOBAY JAYSON 07/1999 USA Defense Thayer Academy USA High School
EVENSON JUSTIN 08/1999 USA Goalie Brockville Braves HC Junior Team
FARRELL THOMAS 01/1999 USA Defense Wilkes Barre Knights USAH Junior Team
GALLACHER AIDEN 03/2000 USA Defense Bismarck Bobcats USAH Junior Team
HOLTZ STEVEN 04/1999 USA Defense Youngstown Phantoms USAH Junior Team
JENSON NIKOLAI 07/2000 USA Defense Shreveport Mudbugs USAH Junior Team
KRAEMER ROMAN 01/1998 USA Forward Johnstown Tomahawks USAH Junior Team
KUNTAR TREVOR 06/2001 USA Forward Youngson Phantoms USAH Junior Team
LARKIN JOHN 01/2001 USA Defense Compuware USAH Youth Team
MACEACHERN CONNOR 07/1999 CAN Forward Cobourg Cougars HC Junior Team
MALONE JACK 10/2000 USA Forward Youngtown Phantoms
USAH Junior Team
MESSINA DALTON 03/1998 USA Forward Youngstown Phantoms USAH Junior Team
MOR JONATHAN 07/2000 USA Goalie USA NTDP USAH Junior Team
MURRAY BRETT 07/1998 CAN Forward Penn State NCAA College Team
NEEDHAM CRAIG 03/1999 USA Forward Youngstown Phantoms USAH Junior Team
ROBERTSON LIAM 05/2000 CAN Forward Whitby Wildcats HC Junior Team
SCHOEN BENJAMIN 05/2002 USA Forward Little Caesar's U15 USAH Youth Team


Well, it's been a few years since this was leaked but this made it into the wild for a half day and now has been published in a few places. I added/expanded the information for the Phantoms roster including how they were drafted. I'm sure this will change greatly over the next couple months and will eventually need to be cut down to 23 players by October 3rd at 7pm EST. Additionally, there has already been one roster move. Matthew Thompson was acquired from Sioux Falls for a player currently in the NCAA, Kevin Conley. This would have required someone being dropped from the list to make arrangements.