A few Phantom players have shown up at NHL rookie/developmental camps and have popped up in the news as of lately

First off the Washington Post has a great article on Nathan Walker at the Washington Capitals developmental camp. I'd sure like to see Stormy be the first Aussie to play in the NHL but I'd sure like to see him back on the Phantoms bench this season. Last seasons leading goal scorer for the Phantoms, Sam Anas, is also at the Caps camp.

Caps prospect Nathan Walker hopes to put Australia on hockey map

Update 9/10/13 6:27PM EST: Stormy made the initial Caps roster!

Next off: John Padulo, a villain with Muskegon two years ago with Muskegon turned hero last season, has been working hard on landing a spot on the San Jose sharks. They recently put up a video interview on their official site.

Postgame 9/6: John PaduloA=