Is everyone ready for hockey season? I know I am.

OK, welcome to my new Phantoms blog. I'm just glad I got this up in time for pre-season. I'm not not sure how it will turn out so bear with me. A lot of you probably already have seen me around the Coveli, banging on the glass, yelling at the refs, cajoling the other teams goalies. You may have seen me carrying effigies (pinatas) of other teams mascots and the refs. I'm just a die hard hockey fan and I love the Phantoms. I've never really blogged before, though some of you may have seen my posts on Facebook.

To kick things off I've already grabbed the Roster (as well as the affiliate list) and the Schedule. I'll probably have some news later and hopefully some pre-season opinion (bullshit) to kick off the USHL Atlantic Challenge. I'll probably post a couple highlights from last season too when I get a minute. I'll also be setting up Twitter and Facebook and a Youtube page. Feel free to send me Phantoms pics, videos or hate mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Comments are always welcome.

 And Thank you for your Support
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