Well, I had a little time so I got some site work done. First you'll probably notice the banner. I'm not a graphic artist so I'm just trying what I can. Second I'll be using this post to test the comment sections, feel free to test it out as well. The biggest addition is the forums, or Phorums, LOL! They're still a work in progress but feel free to use them. I'm working on Twitter and Facebook integration.

Also, I'll be needing any Phantoms related photos, videos or artwork anyone may want to contribute. I'm open to article submissions as well. Drop me a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

OK, here's the story on why I left off during the season. I had a few issues with my shared hosting providers, one thing or another. It's either issues with file permissions, ftp access or MySQL access. The latter, left me even unable to post anything. Since I'm not making any money off any of my web traffic I cannot afford a more expensive dedicated hosting package. I've found a host that works well, save a little slow on the database access. or at least that's as far as I know. I use Joomla for a CMS and it's slow to begin with but preferable to a lot of other CMS packages. So we'll see how far I get this season.

First up I'm going to get some updates. The initial 30 player + 10 affiliate protected roster is out so I plan to get that and the schedule up soon. Maybe I'll get a bit out on last seasons highs and lows. I also managed to hit the two try-out camp all-star games and will post the rosters for those and some thoughts on those. I'm also looking for anyone who wants to contribute.

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I'd like to offer my condolences to the family of Sam Olmstead, who has been my editor for the past several weeks and who has helped keep me going on this site. Sam's father, Robert, passed away on Sunday.

Please keep Sam and his family in your thoughts.